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Care that Pyrenean Mastiffs need and that we must take into account from puppies to adulthood (training, feeding, exercise, hair care, etc.)
Arrival of the puppy at home

Before taking the Pyrenean Mastiff puppy to your home you will have to prepare a place that is own of the puppy, in the house or a small house abroad, if possible of building work with wood floor, large enough for the dog can sleep, stand up and turn around comfortably when was an adult.

The Pyrenean mastiff will not live very well in a flat, ideally he should have a fenced area with access to shade and water.
Care of the Pyrenean Mastiff puppy
All the utensils (bed, toys, cage, leash, collar, food or water containers, etc.) that you purchase for your Pyrenean Mastiff should be the larger and stronger than you can find.


Pyrenean Mastiffs are dogs with balanced character which don’t present behavioral problems, but their education should not be neglected and be firm from the outset. It is preferable to prevent problems stopping unwanted behaviors when they start, with a firm "No!" and avoiding them from doing it, as many times as necessary. Reprimand the dog when you get catch him, doing it later is useless because he won’t understand it.
They respond favorably to positive training methods, based on rewards (food and / or praise). Praise him constantly each time he does well.

The Pyrenean Mastiff puppy matures slowly, contrary to its growth as it grows very quickly during its first months of life and yet doesn’t reach maturity until it is three years old.

Pyrenean Mastiff feeding

In the development stage it is important to ensure that its diet is balanced. To avoid bone and joint problems it is advisable to watch its weight, he should not be skinny or overweight, we recommend low-impact exercise and a balanced diet.

The average weight of the Pyrenean Mastiff as an adult is around 87 kg the males and 72 kg the females.

The best diet for our Pyrenean Mastiff is the dry feed, preferably from a Premium range appropriate to each stage of his life and in the amount specified by the manufacturer, which will provide all the necessary nutrients.

As for the dreaded stomach torsion, the factors that must be avoided because they propitiate it are: large meals and at one time, eating too fast, eat before and after exercise or heavy drinking. We also recommend placing the feeder at about 30 cm. height so the dog does not have to bend much to eat.

They also must have clean, fresh water at all times.
Care of the Pyrenean Mastiff puppy

The exercise of the Pyrenean Mastiff puppy must be controlled to avoid damage to the joints, it must be progressive and adapted to its age, limiting the exercise to free play and avoiding very long walks and sudden exercises.

Once an adult, dogs of the Pyrenean Mastiff breed does not need much exercise, it is enough with the regular walks, games or letting them run loose in an enclosed area.

Coat maintenance

The maintenance of he coat of the Pyrenean Mastiff consists of a regular brushing, more often in the molting season, to help remove dead hair. They should be brushed all over. It is self-cleaning, if it gets dirty with land is cleaned by brushing when it is dry. Frequent baths are not recommended.
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