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The Jack Russell Terrier is a small, strong and agile dog, endowed with a lively and sparkling personality, affectionate and with a friendly character, if you have children at home the whole family can enjoy this cheerful terrier.
Jack Russell Terrier Description

The Jack Russell Terrier is a breed of small size. They are one of the happiest and most intelligent dogs that exist, they look like eternal puppies and bring back smiles wherever they go.

It is an agile dog, and despite its small size has a lot of strength and endurance, it is a working terrier.

Being small in size and light in weight, it is suitable for both flats of the city to country houses, he can also join us when we are visiting, traveling, on holliday, they can access in restaurants, trains, hotels, etc. They are not very barkers.
Jack Russell Terrier: Descripción y carácter
Its basic and predominant color is white, it may have spots in brown, tan or black. The white color of their body helped the hunter to see his dog in the field. Any color other than these, would mean the existence of a crossbreeding with another breed at some point in recent history.

They are small dogs that do not grow, their average height is between 25 and 30 cm tall at the withers and its ideal weight is 5-7 kilos.

A correct Jack has straight legs and the height of the legs is equal to the height of the chest. The overal dog must be slightly longer than high, that is slightly rectangular. His body is flexible and medium length.

They have almond-shaped, small, dark and with keen expression eyes. The muzzle is rather short and square. The ears are semi-fallen or fallen forward.

They should not be confused with the Parson Russell Terrier, which differs in size and proportions, the Jack Russell Terrier is lower and more rectangular than the Parson Russell Terrier.

Jack Russell Terrier coat types

The Jack Russell Terrier hair can be of 3 types: smooth, rough and broken. As most terrier their hair is waterproof.

The smooth hair type are the best known. The rough and broken type have cuddly aspect and often tend to cause love at first sight on anyone who knows them.
Character of the Jack Russell Terrier
They are fully balanced dogs with an attractive personality and many virtues, intelligent, hardworking, loyal, brave and sociable. They are confident and never show signs of nervousness or cowardice.

They are very likeable, affectionate, bold and active, they have a friendly nature and are great companion dogs for active people, however they are not recommended for sedentary people.

They need a minimum of education. It is also important a proper education and socialization of the puppy to prevent behavior problems.

They are great companion dogs and are suitable as show dogs, for obedience competitions, for agility events, as hunting partner and to work in the field. They can be trained for many activities, especially if it is used their natural tendency to jump, trail, chasing prey and dug. They are intelligent and photogenic, so, often they have been used as actors.

They are continually alert at everything happening around them and capture any sound or little detail.

We cannot forget that, despite being an excellent companion dog, his true ancestral instinct is hunting, which can lead them to persecute or harass small animals such as cats, birds, rabbits, mice, rats, etc.
Descripción y caracter del Jack Russell Terrier
Jack Russell Terrier and children

This breed of dog is perfect for families with children, ideal both for its size and its balanced character. They are small dogs that do not grow, with an affectionate, sociable and jovial character.

Living with a Jack Russell Terrier brings many benefits to children, it helps them have a more active lifestyle, it is a way for them to learn to be responsible, it is beneficial for their health, it increases their happiness and enriches their lives, it helps them to have better self-esteem and to socialize, many children prefer to play with their dog rather than with video games. In short, growing up with a dog of this breed helps the physical and psychological development of the child.

The Jack Russell Terrier is a good companion who gets along very well with children, sharing games with them and is the ideal friend. His lively, intelligent and active character makes them great lovers of games, children will enjoy running around and discovering the world together.

Dogs of this breed get along with almost everyone they meet and are very playful, they love to run and play with children, so they will enjoy their company all the time.

They are also very intelligent and love to please, children can learn to train them in a very fun way.

It is necessary to supervise their first encounters and teach both of them how they should treat each other.
Carácter del Jack Russell Terrier
If we work with them, train them and enjoy having fun with them, the Jack Russell Terrier are irresistible and great pet dogs, it is impossible not to love them, they will fill us with affection and sure will we become enthusiastic lovers of the race.

Carácter del Jack Russell Terrier
Descripción del Jack Russell Terrier
Carácter del Jack Russell Terrier
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