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Before you think about buying a puppy, you can assess the option of adoption. There are many dogs that, for many reasons, need a new home and can be wonderful pets.

First, before considering purchasing or adopting a dog that will become a member of the family for the next years, we must be aware of the responsibilities it entail, we will have to feed him, take him out to walk, go to the veterinary, take care of their education, find a suitable place for holidays, etc., it will result in economic costs and we will have to spend time.

The next step is to choose the dog that best suits us, to our way of life and the conditions under which it will live. Each race has own physical and psychological characteristics (size, temperament, needs...), we must select a breed that is compatible with us. The result is that we and our pet will be happier for as long as we live together.

Pyrenean Mastiff puppies newborns
Pyrenean Mastiff puppies from Reis D'Aragon
Pyrenean Mastiff puppies playing

In the case of the Pyrenean Mastiff breed think that this is a very large dog that takes up much space, you will need a large garden for him to do a little of exercise and that his presence doesn’t us uncomfortable, you should think about how you will take him to the veterinary or on vacation. They are animals loving and balanced that present no coexistence problems, but have some character, you cannot handle as a small dog, so you should not neglect the discipline.

If you are sure that this is the race that you like and is suitable for you and your family, you should know that it is not easy to find a Pyrenean Mastiff puppy purebred because it is a rare breed and there is not a large number of them, according to data published by the RSCE, in 2018 were enrolled in Spain only 132 specimen, 151 in 2019 and 78 in 2020. So, surely you must be patient because your search may take some time.

We recommend looking for a purebred puppy from a breeder dedicated, serious and responsible, it is the option that offers the best guarantee that you are getting a good dog, as you know its origin and genealogy, with available information on the characteristics of the race, their possible physical and psychological development, size, etc. ..

The pedigree is the way to verify that the dog is purebred. For a puppy have an official pedigree he has to be unregistered in the LOE in the first period of his life.

For a puppy is healthy and balanced it is very important who are his parents, where and how the puppy has spent his first months of life, the care that has had and how has been the socialization. Do not buy a puppy less than two months old, the risk of health complications is great.

Make sure your puppy origin, many dogs come from “macro-farms” or are imported illegally, in many cases are very similar mixture of races, there is no control over them, with forged papers, have been mistreated, have traveled overcrowded and in terrible conditions, reach malnourished, eaten by pests, with problems of socialization and also sick, bringing infectious or hereditary diseases.

An acquisition of this type can cause many problems to the buyer, the probability that the animal has health or behavior problems is larger, and unwittingly you’ll be fomenting these "puppy mills."

Internet offers many advantages but is also an open door to fraud and risk, make sure the puppy pictures are real and beware of scams, be wary of unusually low prices or offers that given away puppies only paying shipping as it may be a scam.

Finally, if you find a good puppy of this breed and become the owner of a Pyrenean Mastiff, you will have a loving companion and a faithful guardian, whose coexistence will certainly give you great satisfactions.

Pyrenean Mastiffs from Reis D'Aragon

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