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Fundamental notions about the care, feeding, hygiene and education of the Jack Russel Terrier to take care of it and keep it in the best possible conditions.
It is important the proper education and socialization of the puppy to prevent behavior problems. Habits, both good and bad, learned at this age will become lifelong customs.

Like any dog, they need a minimum of education for we enjoy sharing life and home with them. It will not be difficult because the Jack Russell Terrier is a very clever dog, easy to train and educate.

Socialization is essential, that is presenting the puppy other people, unfamiliar dogs, new experiences, etc., so that your Jack Russell Terrier will grow with confidence and behave well in public.

One of the pluses of the Jack Russell Terrier is that, in terms of care and hygiene, they don't requiere much attention, since they enjoy very good health an needs only minimal grooming.
Care of the puppy Jack Russell Terrier
Jack Russell Terrier coat types

You have to keep the dog brushed, clean and with arranged hair, to keep his elegant appearance and beauty.

Normally smooth haired dogs only need to be brushed regularly to remove dead hair and dirt. Those of hair rough and broken need more maintenance and care than the smooth haired dogs, since they require the technique known as "trimming" or "stripping", which consists of pulling out the "dead hair" by the root by hand to lead to new hair growth.

Contrary to popular belief, smooth haired shed more. Rough and broken haired Jack Russell Terriers do not shed easily and have the advantage that the house does not get hairy.
Coat maintenance of the Jack Russell Terrier
To keep them in the best conditions they should be fed with quality food, appropriate to their age and activity level, as it provides vitamins, minerals and fatty acids necessary for their development.

It is necessary that they always have fresh water.

You have to watch their weight so they do not become obese, Jack Russell Terrier should be slim, agile and mucular.

The owner of a specimen of this breed should worry about the safety of his dog, both inside and outside the house.

Indoors, be careful with garbage, medicines, cleaning materials, poisons against cockroaches and rodents, electrical cables, floss, needles and thread, antifreeze, chemicals, fertilizers, etc.

In the street there are many things that can attract his interest and make him run after them at any time.
Care of the puppy Jack Russell Terrier
It is advisable to have a courtyard or a fully closed ground in which they can run because they need lots of exercise and outdoor activities, so they stay active themselves.

Other activities they love and will keep them active will be runing after a ball to give it back to his master, fighting for a durable rubber toy or a knotted rope and take him out every morning and afternoon.

The competitions of obedience and agility are activities in which the Jack Russell Terrier stands and will provide exercise for him and for you.
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