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Before buying (adopting or giving as a gift) a Jack Russell Terrier puppy, you must consider that it is a commitment for the coming years, in addition to the purchase price it will cause expenses, responsibilities and dedication. Jack Russel Terriers are small, intelligent and affectionate breed dogs, with great charisma and personality, they have a lot of energy and are not a dog for everyone, before committing we must inform ourselves as much as possible to make sure that it is the right breed for us. Contact a trusted breeder specialized in the Jack Russell Terrier breed.
Remember: Before you think about buying a puppy, you can assess the option of adoption. There are many small dogs that, for many reasons, need a new home and can be wonderful pets.
Does the Jack Russell Terrier is the right breed for you?

Before buying a puppy Jack Russell Terrier you have to consider whether you are prepared to own a dog and decide if it is the right breed for you, weighing up the pros and cons. Analyze if it is compatible with you and your environment; be as honest as possible because it is a long-term commitment since their lifespan is about 15 years.
Buying a puppy Jack Russell Terrier
Buying a puppy Jack Russell Terrier
Buying a puppy Jack Russell Terrier
Buying a puppy Jack Russell Terrier
Do I live in a house or an apartment? In the country or in the city? Do I have a fenced yard, land or an open area close by for the dog to exercise?
You must take care that your dog is safe at all times. Jack Russell Terrier need exercise and outdoor activities, you have to provide him a safe space where he can run and exercise.
The most advisable is a securely fenced yard.
They can live in an apartment if they are not left alone for long hours and are provided enough activity outdoors.

Do I have planned to train my Jack Russell Terrier at home or to attend to training or obedience classes?
You must be willing to train him to be docile, obedient and polite. He will need at least basic obedience.

Are there any children in my home? Does anyone in my household is allergic to animals?
Jack Russell Terrier love children and get along very well with them.
You must teach the children not to mistreat this little dog.
With the smaller children is convenient to supervise as the Jack Russell brimming with energy and tend to jump on everyone who allows it.

How many hours will the Jack Russell Terrier be alone? How long can I devote to the new puppy?
The puppy will want companionship and spend time with you. You must think that you'll have to give him the attention that needs and dedicate time to his training, exercise and grooming.
If they are left unattended and unemployed much time and don’t have enough exercise, socialization and discipline they can present behavioral problems.

How is my lifestyle, active or sedentary?
He will need care, grooming, to feed him, to get him out daily and to take him to exercise. Jack Russell Terrier are big dogs in a little body, they have the same need for exercise as larger dogs.
It is not the ideal dog for sedentary people, unless for those who are available a safe place where the dog can run.

Do I own any other dogs, cats, or other small animals at home?
We cannot forget that, despite being an excellent companion dog, his true ancestral instinct is hunting, which can lead them to persecute or harass small animals such as cats, birds, rabbits, hamsters, mice, rats, etc.

What is my budget?
In addition to the initial cost of the purchase price of the puppy, it will involve veterinary expenses, dog food, insurance for pets, etc.

Do I know the nature, history, and characteristics of the breed Jack Russell Terrier? Have I ever owned or currently own a Jack Russell Terrier?
We advise get informed about the breed before making the decision to buy a Jack Russell Terrier.
The Jack Russell Terrier is a small, playful and fun dog, his puppy appearance is an eye catcher and his unique personality captures the hearts, with a responsible owner he will be an excellent and wonderful companion that the whole family will love.
Choice of the puppy

If you are planning to buy a puppy Jack Russell Terrier we recommend you to look for a puppy with pedigree from a specialized breeder, it is your best guarantee that you are buying a quality puppy. Buying from a reputable breeder you can have the assurance that your puppy has been raised to have good health and temperament, will be vaccinated, he will have been well maintained and properly socialized.
Buying a puppy Jack Russell Terrier
Buying a puppy Jack Russell Terrier
Jack Russell Terrier puppies with their mother
At Reis D'Aragón we carry out tests for canine genetic diseases on the parents to ensure that our dogs are healthy and to guarantee that the puppies we provide are free of hereditary diseases that may affect their quality of life.

Do not buy a puppy that has been bred isolated in a kennel. Look happy puppies to which a responsible breeder has care as part of his family.

Jack Russell Terriers need early socialization with other dogs and people to become integrated members of a family. At Reis D'Aragón puppies are born in our house and begin their socialization from the moment they are born.

Be sure the breeder gives you proof of registration of your puppy in the appropriate Stud Book, if he does not have it yet he must commit to send it to you as soon as he receives it.

If possible meet the parents, visit the breeder to see the puppies with their mother, so you can assess the physical characteristics and temperament that they can transmit to their offspring.

At Reis D'Aragón we are delighted that the future families of our puppies visit us, this way we can get to know each other, teach our Jack Russell Terriers and how they live with us, solve doubts, as well as make sure that they will be a good home for them. Regarding meeting the mother and her puppies, it must be taken into account that in their first weeks of life there are many health risk factors, both for the mother and the puppies, which is why in our kennel we limit visits during those first few weeks.

Maybe you has to wait because the breeder does not have a puppy available at that time.

A good breeder will want to find a suitable home for each puppy, do not be offended if he ask you some questions, we breeders will want to ensure that you will take good care of the puppy.
Do not buy a puppy on impulse, the dog you intend to buy is a new member of your family, be patient in your search and a suitable puppy will fill your life with joy.
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